Sunee Grand Hotel

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Convention Center

We offer seminar-banquet rooms of total area of more 3000 square meter that can accommodate seminars ranging from 10 to 3,600 participants or Chinese banquets with 1 to 240 tables. The distinctive feature of the seminar-banquet room of Sunee Grand Hotel is its high ceiling of 4.5 to 8 meters and its absence of pillars in the middle of the room, which creates a spacious and comfortable atmosphere for the service users. The seminar-banquet rooms, which are available in 6 different sizes, can be adjusted according to the number and preferences of the customers and can be expanded by using the wall system between rooms. This wall system is made of materials that are approved for national-level seminar-banquet rooms that have soundproof and neat storage properties. The staff members who are knowledgeable and experienced are ready to coordinate with the customers of the seminar-banquet rooms throughout the event. There are also audio-visual equipment provided for seminars for banquets are sufficient and satisfactory for the customers. The seminar rooms are suitable for organizing various formats of events, such as U shape, theater, classroom, workshop. The social events can also be organized in various formats, such as Thai set, buffet, Chinese table, food booth, cocktail, individual set. With more than 12 years of experience in hosting many international and national meetings, social events and wedding celebrations, Sunee Grand Hotel has the readiness of the venue, equipment and personnel to ensure that the service users will be successful and happy in organizing their events at this place.