Sunee Grand Hotel

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Hotel Rules and Regulations

We warmly welcome you to Sunee Grand Hotel and Convention Center. We hope that you will have a pleasant and comfortable stay with us. For the tranquility and harmony of all guests, the hotel respectfully requests you to comprehend and abide by the hotel rules and prohibitions as follows:

1.Visitors who wish to contact the guests must present their ID card or passport at the counter below prior to proceeding upstairs.

2.The hotel reserves the right to grant or deny permission for visitors to meet the guests.

3.Smoking is strictly prohibited in the building, dining room or sofa in front of the lobby or any other areas. You may smoke on the balcony outside the lobby or smoking room provided.Cleaning fee for eliminating cigarette odor 2,000 baht.

4.Drug use, gambling, brawling, creating noise and exhibiting improper conduct in the hotel are forbidden. Fine 2,000 baht and notification to the police authorities

5.Do not bring food with pungent smell such as durian, pets, inflammable objects, hazardous chemicals, explosives, weapons into the hotel

6.Do not relocate furniture / objects in the lobby area without authorization.

7.Any items that are lost or damaged must be accountable for their state Do not leap, raise your legs up, recline on the sofa

8.In case of ordering food through Delivery. the hotel does not permit  food delivery to the room. the customer has to collect at the assigned area (floor 1 in front of the lobby) only