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S Coffee

S Coffee (Sky Blue Coffee Shop in the heart of Ubon Ratchathani) is a distinguished coffee shop that adheres to high standards of quality in every stage of production, from selecting coffee beans, roasting, ensuring freshness and novelty every day, to offering the fragrance of coffee that permeates the shop. It attracts people who pass by to enter and savor the exquisite taste that is impeccable. Our coffee not only excels in flavor, but also provides courteous service and sincere care in every cup of coffee that caters to your preferences.

As the proverb says, “Finding good coffee is akin to finding a congenial friend.”

We are open daily from 07.30-18.00 hrs. We invite you to discover a variety of drinks such as Espresso cold foam, Black coffee honey lemon, Yuzu lemon cold brew, Matcha latte, Thai milk tea and many more